Jacqueline O’Doherty

Health Care Connect, LLC

New Jersey


Sample Topics:
  • How to Navigate the Healthcare System
  • Coordinating Care Across the Medical Continuum
  • Ensure Patient Centered Care

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Having a second set of eyes and ears is a must in the physician’s office. Having someone with you, a friend, family member or professional patient advocate increases your level of education and understanding. A patient advocate will ask questions, listen, clarify and probe until the patient understand all the options. Research has shown better medical outcomes for those who take control of their diagnosis by making good medical decision which also results in less anxiety and regret.

A private patient advocate coordinates and manages patient care; they also research illness and disease, find specialists and centers of excellence. In addition, patient advocates facilitate communication and understanding among the various physicians and caregivers, ensuring the patient and their family comprehends all their treatment options, the consequences of each option and possible treatment outcomes. This enables the patient and their family to make an educated and informed decision on the treatment best for them.

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