Teri Dreher

North Shore Patient Advocates

Libertyville, IL


Sample Topics:
  • Health, Wealth and Family Relationships
  • Crucial Conversations: Having “The Talk” (when your parents’ safety is in question at home)
  • In Your Hands: How to be Your Own Healthcare Advocate
  • Health Care Reform: What Consumers Need to Know in 2017
  • Senior Resources You Should Know About
  • The Growing Problem of Senior Orphans in America

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Learn more about Teri’s book, Patient Advocacy Matters

Powerpoint program, 45 minutes

Teri is a former career ICU nurse and author of Patient Advocacy Matters, who has a keen understanding of the modern healthcare system and how to prevent medical error. She is a well known speaker in the greater Chicago area as well as the owner of NShore Patient Advocates, which serves adults with healthcare challenges in four counties in the Chicago area. She has won multiple awards for her advocacy work and is a nationally known expert on patient advocacy, quoted in the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Crain’s Business, Chicago Health and multiple other national publications.

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