Dr. Sheila Hume

Wilmington, NC



Sheila Hume
Sample Topics:

  • Avoiding “Never” Events While Hospitalized
  • Safeguard Your Hospital CareThe Empowered Healthcare Consumer – Navigating your Medical Bills and Insurance Coverage

I am a Community Educator for CampaignZero, a national organization, whose goal is to eliminate accidental medical events to hospitalized patients. This is done by not only showing everyone how to safeguard their care or that of a loved one with simple, easy to understand checklists but advice on other easy ways to create a safer environment in the hospital for the patient.

“Never” events are things that should never happen to hospitalized patients but about 1 in 3 patients are harmed, despite everyone’s best intentions. Infections, such as MRSA and CDiff, blood stream infections, falls, pneumonia, and medication mixups are but a few of the adverse negative issues that harm approximately 12 million hospitalized patients a year.

This power point presentation should be viewed by everyone since one has no way to know when they or someone they love might need to be placed in the hospital.

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