Candace Wenham


Austin, TX


 Sample Topics:
  • How to navigate your doctor appointment
  • Overturning Health Insurance Denials
  • How to find REAL healthcare information

$0 to $1,000
Will travel out of town if expenses are covered.

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I am a college professor, speaking in front of all sizes of classrooms, as well as large audiences for professional development. Speaking to an audience is exciting for me. I am knowledgeable about many aspects of healthcare. I am experienced in conveying difficult information in a simple way. Many of my former students enjoyed my lectures, as well as my peers and dean. I am qualified to speak about medical navigation, prescription side effects and interactions, medical jargon, finding factual medical information, and overturning health insurance denials. I have many years of experience speaking to small and large audiences, and am excited to speak in the near future.

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