Find a Speaker for Your Next Healthcare Event!

These patient advocates are well versed in the healthcare system and its challenges
– care, cost, patients, providers, insurance, options, the good, the bad and the ugly.
Choose from the advocates featured below, or find a master list of all speakers including their locations.

Adria Goldman Gross
Medwise Insurance Advocacy
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Annette Ticoras, MD
Guided Patient Services
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Bonnie Sheeren
Houston Health Advocacy
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Julie Walsh, Patient GPS

Julie Walsh
Patient GPS

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Dianne Walkup
Independent Patient Advocates

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Lorie Gardner
HealthLink Advocates
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Linda Adler
Pathfinders Medical
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Lisa Berry Blackstock
Soul Sherpa
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Beth Morgan
Medical Bill Detectives
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Martine Brousse
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Jacqueline O’Doherty
Health Care Connect, LLC
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Melynda Ruckels
RN Patient Advocates of Northern California
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Teri Dreher
North Shore Patient Advocates
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